OpenTrials user stories

A set of user stories to inform platform development.


  • Core Developer: A developer working on the core OpenTrials platform.
  • Contributing Developer: A developer from outside the core team who would like to assist with the development of the OpenTrials platform.
  • Product Owner: A person responsible for the core feature set and functionality of the product.
  • App Administrator: A person responsible for general administration of the application(s).
  • Visiting User: A user who visits the application(s) and consumes the data via the user interfaces provided.
  • Contributing User: A user who visits the application(s) with the goal of adding data and content to the platform.
  • Curating User: A user who has permissions to curate existing data on the platform, as well as submissions of new data for the platform.

User Stories

User stories are manged on a trello board. Click through to the board, or click through on a specific card below.